New banking app for Raiffeisen to fight off disruptive fintech startups

We worked for six banks in 2018. the powerful new raiffeisen app brings together everything we learned.

The team at Raiffeisen came to us with the task of building a new banking experience to tap into modern fintech trends and explore new opportunities. Being a big player in banking, it’s not easy finding new ways to innovate without being hemmed in by the current company identity and complicated backend systems.

Used methodologies: Jobs-to-be-done, mind mapping, CJM, user research, scrum meetings, art-direction.

We started with a proper
design research

market research is not the same as a usability study

While market research from the client helped us understand about competitors, target audience and market size, we needed design-related insight to truly understand how users would interact with the app. That’s why we decided to kick off with design research, including asking customers at Raiffeisen branches about their experience with the current app.

App that transforms the
way you spend and save

Your account balance is important, but it’s not everything

Good saving habits are about more than checking your account balance – you need to know how much is going in, going out, and going straight to the savings pot.The Raiffeisen app takes into account your regular payments, loans and unpaid bills to provide a “save to spend” balance. In short, money you can actually spend.

Bank that saves you money

Banks know how much you spend, it’s time we leveraged that knowledge

Raiffeisen analyses all your spendings and provides meaningful insights on how to save money. The app is connected to a whole host of vendors and every insight has an immediate call to action, so that you can start saving money directly from the Raiffeisen app without opening other applications.

No more bank account
numbers for sending money

Send money using your contact list, geolocation or data provided by your vendors

Forget having to manually type in long numbers just to send money to your friends and family. With the Raiffeisen app, you can pay bills, repay debts, and pay back your friends for last night’s pizza straight from the app.

Let your friends help you
save money

Set up your goals and share them with friends

Get your friends and family involved on social media and invite them to give you a present you really want – help towards your saving goals.

Banking experience when you want it the most

Messenger integration saves your time and streamlines the entire experience. No more complex logins and manually typing in long account numbers – just powerful banking whenever you need it.

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