Website redesign for the leading subscription-based fragrance e-shop

We redesigned the web experience
 to boost the conversion rate by 1/3. in just 2 weeks.

Why settling up with a single expensive perfume when you can get a 30-day supply and then go with a different one? Scentbird is a luxury fragrance subscription service that changes the experience of buying perfumes. Our main task was to explain better this idea and increase conversion of the new users.

Used methodologies: Jobs-to-be-done, mind mapping, CJM, user research, scrum meetings, design studio, art-direction.

User research to gather fast, actionable insights

We found that people struggled to understand the subscription model, were confused about pricing, and didn’t know the amount of perfume they would receive.

New look & feel

First version ready in just 7 days

To gather the feedback on the chosen direction, a simple interactive prototype was prepared and tested just in the first week of the project.

Graphical concept that 
goes toe-to-toe with the idea

We applied fashion booklet style as people tend to connect fragrancies with vogue.

“Conversion grow is about 27%, it’s just fantastic, thanks for getting it done really fast!”

Sergei Gusev
YC S15, Co-founder & COO

over 20K

active users


raised after series A

12 interviewees

we had during the research phase

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